Release v0.33.0

Introducing Jikkou 0.33.0

We’re excited to unveil the latest release of Jikkou 0.33.0. 🎉

To install the new version, please visit the installation guide. For detailed release notes, check out the GitHub page.

What’s New in Jikkou 0.33.0?

  • Enhanced resource change format.
  • Added support for the patch command.
  • Introduced the new --status option for KafkaTopic resources.
  • Exported offset-lag to the status of KafkaConsumerGroup resources.

Below is a summary of these new features with examples.

Diff/Patch Commands

In previous versions, Jikkou provided the diff command to display changes required to reconcile input resources. However, this command lacked certain capabilities to be truly useful. This new version introduces a standardized change format for all resource types, along with two new options for filtering changes:

  • --filter-resource-op=: Filters out all state changes except those corresponding to the given operations.
  • --filter-change-op=: Filters out all resources except those corresponding to the given operations.

The new output format you can expect from the diff command is as follows:

apiVersion: [ group/version of the change ]
kind: [ kind of the change ]
metadata: [ resource metadata ]
  # Array of state changes
    - name: [ name of the changed state ]
      op: [ change operation ]
      before: [ value of the state before the operation ]
      after: [ value of the state after the operation ]
  data: [ static data attached to the resource ]
  op: [ resource change operation ]

The primary motivation behind this new format is the introduction of a new patch command. Prior to Jikkou 0.33.0, when using the apply command after a dry-run or a diff command, Jikkou couldn’t guarantee that the applied changes matched those returned from the previous command. With Jikkou 0.33.0, you can now directly pass the result of the diff command to the new patch command to efficiently apply the desired state changes.

Here’s a workflow to create your resources:

Step 1) Create a resource descriptor file

cat << EOF > my-topic.yaml
apiVersion: ""
kind: KafkaTopic
  name: 'my-topic'
    environment: example
  partitions: 3
  replicas: 1
    min.insync.replicas: 1
    cleanup.policy: 'delete'

Step 2) Run diff

jikkou diff -f ./my-topic.yaml > my-topic-diff.yaml

apiVersion: ""
kind: "KafkaTopicChange"
  name: "my-topic"
    environment: "example"
  annotations: "my-topic.yaml"
    - name: "partitions"
      op: "CREATE"
      after: 3
    - name: "replicas"
      op: "CREATE"
      after: 1
    - name: "config.cleanup.policy"
      op: "CREATE"
      after: "delete"
    - name: "config.min.insync.replicas"
      op: "CREATE"
      after: 1
  op: "CREATE"

Step 3) Run patch

jikkou patch -f ./my-topic-diff.yaml --mode FULL --output compact


] Create topic 'my-topic' (partitions=3, replicas=1, configs=[cleanup.policy=delete, min.insync.replicas=1]) - CHANGED
EXECUTION in 3s 797ms
ok: 0, created: 1, altered: 0, deleted: 0 failed: 0

Attempting to apply the changes a second time may result in an error from the remote system:

  "status": "FAILED",
  "description": "Create topic 'my-topic' (partitions=3, replicas=1,configs=[cleanup.policy=delete,min.insync.replicas=1])",
  "errors": [ {
    "message": "TopicExistsException: Topic 'my-topic' already exists."
  } ],

Resource Provider for Apache Kafka

Jikkou 0.33.0 also packs with some minor improvements for the Apache Kafka provider.

KafkaTopic Status

You can now describe the status of a topic-partitions by using the new --status option
when getting a KafkaTopic resource.

jikkou get kt --status --selector " IN (my-topic)"

apiVersion: ""
kind: "KafkaTopic"
  name: "my-topic"
  labels: "UbZI2N2YQTqfNcbKKHps5A"
  annotations: "xtzWWN4bTjitpL3kfd9s5g"
  partitions: 1
  replicas: 1
    cleanup.policy: "delete"
  configMapRefs: [ ]
    - id: 0
      leader: 101
        - 101
        - 101

KafkaConsumerGroup OffsetLags

With Jikkou 0.33.0, you can export the offset-lag of a KafkaConsumerGroup resource using the --offsets option.

jikkou get kafkaconsumergroups --offsets

apiVersion: ""
kind: "KafkaConsumerGroup"
  name: "my-group"
  labels: false
  state: "EMPTY"
  members: [ ]
    - topic: "my-topic"
      partition: 0
      offset: 16
      offset-lag: 0
    id: "101"
    host: "localhost"
    port: 9092

Finally, all those new features are also completely available through the Jikkou REST Server.

Wrapping Up

We hope you enjoy these new features. If you encounter any issues with Jikkou v0.33.0, please feel free to open a GitHub issue on our project page. Don’t forget to give us a ⭐️ on Github to support the team, and join us on Slack.

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