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Learn how to configure the extensions for Apache Kafka.

    Here, you will find the list of resources supported for Apache Kafka.


    The Apache Kafka extension is built on top of the Kafka Admin Client. You can configure the properties to be passed to kafka client through the Jikkou client configuration property jikkou.kafka.client.


    jikkou {
      kafka {
        client {
          bootstrap.servers = "localhost:9092"
          security.protocol = "SSL"
          ssl.keystore.location = "/tmp/client.keystore.p12"
          ssl.keystore.password = "password"
          ssl.keystore.type = "PKCS12"
          ssl.truststore.location = "/tmp/client.truststore.jks"
          ssl.truststore.password = "password"
          ssl.key.password = "password"

    In addition, the extension support configuration settings to wait for at least a minimal number of brokers before processing.

    jikkou {
      kafka {
        brokers {
          # If 'True' 
          waitForEnabled = true
          waitForEnabled = ${?JIKKOU_KAFKA_BROKERS_WAIT_FOR_ENABLED}
          # The minimal number of brokers that should be alive for the CLI stops waiting.
          waitForMinAvailable = 1
          # The amount of time to wait before verifying that brokers are available.
          waitForRetryBackoffMs = 1000
          # Wait until brokers are available or this timeout is reached.
          waitForTimeoutMs = 60000