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Here, you will find the list of core resources supported for Jikkou.

Core Resources

More information:

1 - ConfigMap

Learn how to use ConfigMap objects.

You can use a ConfigMap to define reusable data in the form of key/value pairs that can then be referenced and used by other resources.


apiVersion: ""
kind: ConfigMap
  name: '<CONFIG-MAP-NAME>'   # Name of the ConfigMap (required)
data:                         # Map of key-value pairs (required)
  <KEY_1>: "<VALUE_1>" 


For example, the below ConfigMap show how to define default config properties namedcKafkaTopicConfig that can then reference and used to define multiple KafkaTopic. resources.

apiVersion: ""
kind: ConfigMap
name: 'KafkaTopicConfig'
  cleanup.policy: 'delete'
  min.insync.replicas: 2 86400000 # (1 day)