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Automating Jikkou

Learn automating Jikkou

1 - Automate Jikkou with GitHub Actions

Learn Jikkou Setup Github Action in your CI/CD Workflows

Setup Jikkou

The streamthoughts/setup-jikkou action is a JavaScript action that sets up Jikkou in your GitHub Actions workflow by:

  • Downloading a specific version of Jikkou CLI and adding it to the PATH.
  • Configuring JIKKOU CLI with a custom configuration file.

After you’ve used the action, subsequent steps in the same job can run arbitrary Jikkou commands using the GitHub Actions run syntax. This allows most Jikkou commands to work exactly like they do on your local command line.


  - uses: streamthoughts/setup-jikkou@v1

A specific version of Jikkou CLI can be installed:

  - uses: streamthoughts/setup-jikkou@v0.1.0
      jikkou_version: 0.29.0

A custom configuration file can be specified:

  - uses: streamthoughts/setup-jikkou@v0.1.0
      jikkou_config: ./config/jikkouconfig.json


This Action additionally supports the following inputs :

jikkou_versionlatestThe version of Jikkou CLI to install. A value of latest will install the latest version of Jikkou CLI.
jikkou_configThe path to the Jikkou CLI config file. If set, Jikkou CLI will be configured through the JIKKOUCONFIG environment variable.