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Developer Guide

How to set up your environment for developing on Jikkou.


    Building Jikkou

    We use Maven Wrapper to build our project. The simplest way to get started is:

    For building distribution files.

    $ ./mvnw clean package -Pdist -DskipTests

    Alternatively, we also use Make to package and build the Docker image for Jikkou:

    $ make

    Running tests

    For running all tests and checks:

    $ ./mvnw clean verify

    Code Format

    This project uses the Maven plugin Spotless to format all Java classes and to apply some code quality checks.

    Bugs & Security

    This project uses the Maven plugin SpotBugs and FindSecBugs to run some static analysis to look for bugs in Java code.

    Reported bugs can be analysed using SpotBugs GUI:

    $ ./mvnw spotbugs:gui