Jikkou Resources are entities that represent the state of a concrete instance of a concept that are part of the state of your system, like a Topic on an Apache Kafka cluster.

Resource Objects

All resources can be distinguished between persistent objects, which are used to describe the desired state of your system, and transient objects, which are only used to enrich or provide additional capabilities for the definition of persistent objects.

A resource is an object with a type (called a Kind) and a concrete model that describe the associated data. All resource are scoped by an API Group and Version.

Resource Definition

Resources are described in YAML format.

Here is a sample resource that described a Kafka Topic.

apiVersion: ""
kind: KafkaTopic
  name: 'my-topic'
    environment: test
  annotations: {}
  partitions: 1
  replicas: 1
    min.insync.replicas: 1
    cleanup.policy: 'delete'

Resource Properties

The following are the properties that can be set to describe a resource:

apiVersionThe group/version of the resource type.
kindThe type of the describe resource.
metadata.nameAn optional name to identify the resource.
metadata.labelsArbitrary metadata to attach to the resource that can be handy when you have a lot of resources and you only need to identity or filters some objects.
metadata.annotationsArbitrary non-identifying metadata to attach to the resource to mark them for a specific operation or to record some metadata.
specThe object properties describing a desired state
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