Jikkou (jikkō / 実行)!

The Open source Resource
as Code framework for
Apache Kafka

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What is Jikkou ?

Jikkou is a powerful and flexible 

open-source framework for building self-service data platforms, 

allowing developers and devops teams to 

easily manage, automate and provision 

all the assets needed for their projects. 

Get started with Jikkou.

Declarative & Automated

Describe the entire desired state of any resource you need to manage using YAML descriptor files.

Designed for Apache Kafka®

Jikkou was initially developed to manage Apache Kafka resources. You can use it with most of Apache Kafka vendors: Apache Kafka, Aiven, Amazon MSK, Confluent Cloud, Redpanda.

Extensible and Customizable

Jikkou can be extended to manage almost anything. It provides a simple and powerful Core API (in Java) allowing you to write custom extensions for managing your own system and resources.

Open source

Jikkou is released under the Apache License 2.0. Anyone can contribute to Jikkou by opening an issue, a pull request (PR) or just by discussing with other users on the Slack Channel.

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